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AAA Recycling & Salvage offers a variety of services in Laramie, WY. You can count on us when you need auto part salvage services and scrap metal recycling services. Whether you're looking for a replacement car part or want to make some extra money off an old appliance, we're here to help.

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Find out why residents of Laramie, WY choose us for all their scrap metal recycling and auto part salvage needs. You'll appreciate that our metal recycling center:

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Not sure what to do with your scrap metal or broken-down car? Turn to our metal recycling center. You can drop off a variety of metal materials at our center, including:

Scrap metal

iron, copper, brass and aluminum


four-wheel drives, pickups, buses and vans


dishwashers, ovens, stoves and toasters

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We now sell merchandise!

We now sell merchandise!

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