We'll Take All of Your Scrap Metal

Get scrap metal recycling services in Laramie, WY

If you're looking for a scrap metal recycling facility, turn to AAA Recycling & Salvage. We have years of experience recycling copper, radiators, batteries, aluminum wheels and more. Our facility in Laramie, WY will take almost any kind of scrap metal you have laying around your property.

Contact our scrap metal recycling facility about earning some extra cash.

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Leave your faulty or broken appliances with us

When you come to us for appliance recycling services, you can count on our team to:

  • Use an industry standard scale to weigh your appliances
  • Get full measurements of your appliances to help determine their value
  • Give you cash for your recyclables so you can get back to your day

We can take most home and commercial appliances. Make easy money with our appliance recycling services. Call us at 307-742-6971 now for details.